Is this where it gets complicated? No, its common sense really, it’s just too bad that it took so long to be common. In order to figure out the solution, one has to first identify the problem. So what is the real problem? Is it the standing water or the bugs? Maybe it’s the vents or is it the smell? The answer lye’s with what’s common with all of these symptoms. I’m not trying to confuse you with riddles, I want you to see that what seems like the problems are only symptoms and if you only address the symptoms you will not fix the problem. Lets take the bugs for example, to many people go to the grocery store and buy those bug bombs and let them off in the crawl space thinking “that’ll fix ‘em”. Well it probably does but they also just let off a half dozen cans of poison in their home. One home I inspected had Stick-Ups on the heat ducts to help the smell, it didn’t work though. If you pump the water out it will just come back, if you seal off your vents the moisture from the dirt will be trapped inside the home. If you only address each symptom you will get either a new semi full time hobby, make the other symptoms worse or actually create new problems. What all of these symptoms have in common is crawl space moisture or humidity. Insects, wood rot, mold, fungus, mildew, odor, cold floors and high heating cost are all the result of attempts or the byproduct of the attempt to control moisture. Now that we know this and agree that moisture is the problem we can now properly address it.