A false water table can be the culprit of why your crawl space keeps getting water in it no matter how waterproofed the foundation is. A false water table is the retention of excess water by none virgin soil. That means when a home is False Water Tablebuilt there is a hole dug in the ground for the foundation, whether a basement or crawl space. After the foundation is in the dirt is filled back in around the outside of the foundation walls, this is called backfill. The backfilled dirt is not as compact as the undisturbed virgin soil that surrounds it; ultimately the backfill holds more water. The water in the backfill sets against the foundation and the virgin soil. Water will find its own level, so as the pressure builds around the foundation it naturally starts to spread itself out. If you picture a bowl that is 6” deep with 3” of water in it, the water is not on one side or only at the edges. It is evenly distributed across the entire bowl.  As long as water is poured into the bowl the water will keep rising toward the top. This is what happens around the home and that is why it is critical to have the proper elements in place to protect your foundation. The virgin soil and evaporation will slowly reduce the water levels around the foundation but meanwhile the concrete foundation takes a beating.