Now that the crawl space environment can be controlled the next step is to dry it out. A quality crawl space dehumidifier is a wise investment if the home’s structure is saturated or the home is located in a high humidity location like Georgia. Here are some points to consider when choosing a dehumidifier. First, even before the price is considered, the dehumidifier has to be sized right for the area it will be controlling. This means, once the humidity levels are under control the crawl space dehumidifier should spend more time off than on. Most often a dehumidifier is viewed as working great because it runs all day everyday. The fact is it is not working at all. Look at it like this; if the dehumidifier is running all the time it can not get the humidity levels down to the setting on the control panel. What you have is a dehumidifier that is only helping to remove some moisture at the expense of your electric bill. A dehumidifier that uses 6 amps of electricity (about 700 watts) and runs 24 hours a day seven days a week will cost between $65- $80 a month or more  in electricity.  When the crawl space dehumidifier is sized properly it will sit quiet and only come on when the levels raise above the control panel settings. It will quickly reduce the moisture in the air and shut back down. No one wants to pay more for an appliance than they have too, but in the long run a cheap dehumidifier can cost much more in the electric bill in two years than the entire cost of a quality unit. On top of that, the deCrawl Space Dehumidifierhumidifier that is size properly will actually keep the moisture at the desired levels.

Not all crawl spaces need a dehumidifier. It is our opinion that a crawl space which is conditioned with the air from the home is a better choice because there is a proper air exchange (which makes the air cleaner), the home is more efficient and it is more comfortable. This process is the hardest for people to understand and accept because of the current condition of the crawl space. Keep in mind the old environment is gone and it is now clean and dry.